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011 421 4222
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011 706 7959
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011 421 2510
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38 Cranbourne Avenue
Benoni, GT 1501
South Africa
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English (United States)
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To rehabilitate children living on the streets and reintroduce them into society.
Our mission is to reach out to children on the streets and others in our community. We will strive to provide them with love and shelter in a nurturing secure environment. We will give them guidance, therapy, training and support so that they can be the best that they can be and take their rightful place in the community.
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Children, Counselling and Therapy, Welfare and Social Development, Youth
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1. PRE CARE - street work and outreach directly to children on the streets; drop in centre for street children and youth to receive meals, clothoes, a bath and medical attention. Early intervention for children back to family; prevention work through community workshops; a community creche. 2. IN CARE - residential care at the Shelter or Group Homes (the Village); inclusion in an education programme (includes formal school); all psycho social support (includes legal processes under Children's Act); sports; group therapy; family reintegration activities (including tracing famiy); final exit to viable homes in the community. 3. AFTERCARE - follow up of the reintegrated child (includes securing a place at a local school) - providing regular contact for 12 months, thereafter occassional contact unless continued regular contact is preferable. Advice, financial support, assistance to access grants, resources and school support. 4. ADVOCACY - major player in the provision of services of street children; founder member of the (now) National Alliance for Street Children; founder member of the Johannesburg Child Advocacy Forum.
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011 706 7959
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011 706 7502
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National Alliance for Street Children
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