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3rd Floor, CMI Building,
13 Joubert Street Ext.
Johannesburg, GT 2001
South Africa
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To continually strive to be leaders and advocates in the field of disability, through service excellence and efficiency for children, their families and communities.
Sunshine Association is committed to empowerment, development and inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays in partnership with families and communities.
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Children, Disability, Early Childhood Development
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1. Early Intervention Day Care – to +/- 166 children 918 months to 10 years) who are intellectually / physically or developmentally delayed. Qualified therapists offer practical hands on services to children with disabilities linked to the organisation. 2. Home- based Family Support to 68 children who are too young to be accommodated in the day care programme. 3. Siblings Support for siblings of children attached to the existing programme and siblings of children with disabilities from the adjacent communities through life skills development, education on children’s rights, promotion of children participation and holiday / leisure time programmes. 4. Empowerment of parents / caregivers – through regular workshops and training to manage the disability of their children, financial independence and take responsibility for their own destiny. 5. Volunteer programme – recruit, screen, train and management of a volunteer programme to augment the services of employed personnel. 6. Toy Library for children in the Early Intervention day care programme through activity groups and lending of toys to ensure continuity of the stimulation and development at home. The services is also offered to children and Early Childhood development facilities in the community through activity groups and lending of toys, ensuring stimulation and intervention for delay in any developmental area. 7. Social Work Intervention to all families involved in our programmes. 8. Training support and guidance to emerging projects for disabled children enabling capacity growth through training in START (Strive Towards Achieving Results Together) our own indigenous programme, and various application models including the Sunshine Centre Association Early Childhood Development (ECD) Inclusion Model, Classroom and Disability Management for parents and professionals, for checklisting of children and selection suitable intervention methods for children 0-3 and 4-7. 9. Skills Development for Staff to ensure appropriate skills for the efficient running of the programme, and to ensure that recognized qualifications are obtained in addition to coaching. In addition leadership, management, information technology and information management training remains a need but the challenge of high costs cannot be overcome easily. Staff wellness to a large extent also requires skilling staff in managing their financial affairs efficiently.
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011 948 9161
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011 984 9161
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