AIDS Foundation of South Africa

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031 277 2700
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031 202 9522
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237 Musgrave Road
Durban, NL 4062
South Africa
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English (United States)
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To be the leading organisation supporting community-based developmental interventions in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
The AIDS Foundation of South Africa exists to facilitate an integrated HIV and AIDS response to vulnerable communities in South Africa, enabling them to implement appropriate and effective interventions to limit new infections and to mitigate the impact of the epidemic, resulting in reduced HIV prevalence and the amelioration of its effects.
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Funding and Grant-Making, Health, HIV/AIDS, LGBTI, Poverty
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South Africa (All Provinces)
1.Grants Programme Department is responsible for the screening of grantees, coaching and mentoring grantees; monitoring and evaluating the performance and compliance of grantees. AFSA supports the work of 10 national NGO’s and 60 local cbo’s. 2.Capacity Building Department its main purpose is to provide capacity building training and support for all the CBO’s with which the Foundation works. They focus primarily on providing accredited and unit standard aligned training courses. 3.Community Work Programme Department is responsible for the management of the inception and roll out the of the Community Works Programme in 7 local municipalities in KwaZulu Natal.
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Northern Cape
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053 831 1497
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086 685 0275
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The Joint Primary Health Care Forum
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021 788 9163
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