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To protect and sustain African wilderness and wildlands through integrated conservation and education programmes, the benefits of which support biodiversity and cultural, scientific, economic and spiritual values. The Vision arises from the following concerns: The African population is becoming increasingly urbanised and potentially alienated from the natural environment; An unacceptably small percentage of African land is allocated to the establishment and preservation of wild lands and wilderness areas; Widespread ignorance of the value of our natural heritage including the role and significance of wild animals in human life, is placing wilderness and wildlands under threat. Consequently there is an urgent need to promote these areas as important living laboratories for understanding the environment, the human-animal interface as well as places for human spiritual growth.
Background Origins: Founded in 1972 by Dr Ian Player and the late Magqubu Ntombela, the organisation has pioneered many projects and initiatives aimed at demonstrating wilderness and wild lands as a positive, integral force in developing social and environmental sustainability in South Africa. Operating as a National South African NGO (NPO: 009-437) and registered Not-for-Profit Organisation (PBO: 18/11/13/632) its head office is based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. The Foundation has attained both local and international recognition and awareness, through global Conservation and Wilderness networks. The Wilderness Foundation ‘s Mission: is as a project-driven conservation and leadership organisation, to encourage, plan and protect wild lands and wilderness, uplift the knowledge and lives of citizens and stimulate an environmental ethos among current and future leaders. We envisage a world that has sufficient intact natural ecosystems and wilderness areas that are valued and effectively protected for the benefit of all species. Recognising that the protection and sustainability of South Africa’s unique wilderness areas and natural heritage is dependent on socio-political and economic conditions within a society, the Wilderness Foundation integrates conservation programmes with social and educational programmes. The Wilderness Foundation believes in the power of the wilderness to dissolve ethnic and economic inequalities essential to effective and sustainable social intervention forging one path towards social and environmental sustainability.
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Advocacy and Awareness, Counselling and Therapy, Environment, Skills Development
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Eastern Cape
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South Africa (All Provinces)
1. Conservation programme The conservation projects pioneered, supported, or managed by the Wilderness Foundation under the Conservation programme focus strongly on protected areas. Protected areas play a critical role in supporting biodiversity conservation, and are an essential element in a comprehensive plan for reducing poverty and supporting economic development. The Wilderness Foundation continues to actively expand its existing conservation networks, ensuring that protected areas and reserves are well managed, and provide benefits for their surrounding communities. 2. Social Intervention programme The Wilderness Foundation’s social intervention programme includes various projects which are developed and implemented independently, or in partnership with other projects of the Foundation. Due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic throughout the continent of Africa, huge numbers of youth are left orphaned and vulnerable, stuck in a cycle of poverty, with little hope of a brighter future. There is a dire need for holistic social intervention programmes which can offer these youth a chance at becoming successful contributors to society through personal growth and future employment. Through the Wilderness Foundation’s social intervention projects, young people are empowered to become financially independent entrepreneurs and breadwinners for their families. The Wilderness Foundation has pioneered a number of holistic social intervention projects which draw on the opportunities presented by the growing eco-tourism industry in South Africa. Some of the projects are linked up with the Wilderness Foundation’s Environmental Education programme which helps carry the Foundation’s message of the importance of conservation in the 21st century. The projects have been shown to develop conservation leaders with a strong conservation ethos. 3. Leadership & Education The Wilderness Foundation believes that a personal experience of the healing and motivating power of wilderness areas can lead an individual to a greater understanding of conservation and its integral part in building sustainability in all areas of our lives. South Africa’s history has confined most South Africans to townships or degraded rural areas, and has fractured traditional cultures. Even today, experiences in nature reserves are beyond the economic reach of most South Africans. The Foundation pioneers, supports, or manages a number of leadership and experiential education projects which aim to develop ecological leadership in the country’s youth and various decision-makers. Through experiential education, thousands of youth, community leaders and others are able to re-discover their natural heritage every year. This leads to personal growth and a greater understanding of conservation in its broader context. 4. Advocacy & Awareness The Wilderness Foundation believes that government and business leaders have an inherent responsibility to act as conscientious custodians of the environment through best practice. Sustained economic growth is a necessary priority, but it will continue to put pressure on the Earth’s natural resources unless it is carefully managed and monitored. The Wilderness Foundation develops environmental standards and information which is used to brief and motivate individuals, governments and society at large towards the higher ideal of conservation and its role in the 21st century.
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