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South Africa
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Deepening Non-Racialism Promote the values, rights and principles enshrined in the Freedom Charter and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa; Collect, record, promote and display, through historical artefacts and contemporary material, Kathrada's role in South Africa's liberation struggle and its relation to the role of other individuals, groups and movements both nationally and internationally; Establish a Research and Documentation centre that will provide selective historical and contemporary documentation and archival material on liberation history in South Africa in general and the South African Indian Community in particular, and to make this available for academic and scholarly research; Organize seminars, lectures, debates and discussions and undertake research on issues which promote a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa; Identify and support projects and programmes that will deepen non racialism and create an equitable society; Build and maintain a centre that will carry out all of the activities and programmes of the Foundation.
In honor of Ahmed Kathrada’s lifelong and selfless fight for liberation and human rights, the Foundation will engage individuals and communities —on a local, national, and international level—in research and educational activities that increase understanding of the importance of non-racialism, non-sexism, economic justice, and democracy in South Africa and around the world. This engagement is based on principles to which Ahmed Kathrada has dedicated his life: reconciliation; political, religious and social tolerance; nation building; and uplifting the lives of the poorest of the poor. The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is an active and vital element of the national cultural heritage of the new South Africa.
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Advocacy and Awareness, Democracy and Governance, Research, Youth
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South Africa (All Provinces)
1.Youth leadership Programme The Foundation develops various programmes and advocacy initiatives to ensure that the ideal of non-racialism is realised with a focus on building a generation of youth activists. 2. Research The research work conducted at the AKF engages with and informs public policy, and it contributes to various consultative processes within the public sector, which the Foundation is often called on to do. 3. Community Dialogues Essentially a Community Dialogue is a forum that draws participants from as many parts of the selected communities as possible to exchange information and ideas, face to face, share personal stories and experiences, honestly express perspectives, clarify viewpoints and develop solutions to community concerns. Since the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation wishes these dialogues to deepen non racialism the major focus will be on:  Creating a common understanding of non-racialism;  Recognising the importance of building non-racial communities; and  Deepening understanding in communities of non-racialism.
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Nelson Mandela Foundation
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