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A healthy planet and an equitable world that values and sustains the diversity of all life.
The Endangered Wildlife Trust conserves endangered species and ecosystems in southern Africa by: Initiating and implementing conservation research and action programmes; Preventing species extinctions and maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; Supporting sustainable natural resources and management; Communicating the principles of sustainable living and empowering people by capacity building, education and awareness programmes to the broadest possible constituency; Taking a strong leadership and advocacy role in promoting environmental and social justice
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Advocacy and Awareness, Animal Welfare, Environment, Research
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South Africa (All Provinces), Africa
• African Crane Conservation Programme (EWT-ACCP) The EWT-ACCP empowers individuals and organisations to develop conservation activities and promotes the sustainable use and wise management of wetland, grassland and Karoo ecosystems. • Birds of Prey Programme (EWT-BoPP) The EWT-BoPP actions conservation projects for the diurnal and nocturnal raptors of southern Africa. An amalgamation between the EWT's Raptor Conservation and Vulture Study Groups brought about this Working Group and strengthened the effectiveness of the birds of prey conservation network in the sub continent. • Carnivore Conservation Programme (EWT-CCP) The EWT-CCP promotes research and the implementation of sound conservation management strategies on vulnerable and endangered carnivore species in southern Africa. • Law and Policy Programme (EWT-L&PP) The EWT-L&PP offers the EWT greater access to many parliamentary processes, giving us a voice in the development of policies and legislation relating to the environment. The EWT’s Rhino Project operates under the umbrella of the EWT-L&PP. • Source to Sea Programme (EWT-SSP) The EWT-SSP works in marine and fresh water environments in order to ensure the conservation of marine and fresh water species throughout South Africa. • Riverine Rabbit Programme (EWT-RRP) The EWT-RRP works to ensure the survival of the Riverine Rabbit by implementing sound conservation programmes for the species and its unique Nama and Succulent Karoo habitat. • Threatened Grassland Species Programme (EWT-TGSP) The EWT-TGSP implements research and strategies to conserve highly threatened grassland species as they serve as indicators of grassland health and essential ecosystem services, especially production of fresh water resources. • Wildlife & Energy Programme (EWT-WEP) Energy and communications infrastructure represent an important interface for interaction between people and wildlife. The EWT-WEP is at the forefront of managing these interactions to the benefit of both wildlife and industry. • Wildlife and Transport Programme (EWT-WTP) Transport and transport infrastructure have a massive impact on wildlife and this threat has, in the past, gone un-researched and ignored. The EWT-WTP works to address this concern whilst working with relevant private and public stakeholders in order to mitigate this form of human-wildlife conflict.
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Western Cape
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Cape Town
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United Nations Global Compact
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