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The Brand Building, 15 Sloane Street
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South Africa
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The Topsy Foundation has a vision of flourishing rural communities where people have the tools for change and where young people, in particular, are productive members of society - in spite of the impact of HIV and AIDS and poverty.
The Topsy Foundation partners with rural communities, empowering people infected with, and affected by HIV and AIDS, through medical care, social support and skills development.
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Counselling and Therapy, Health, HIV/AIDS, Poverty, Rural Development
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Free State, Gauteng, Mpumalanga
1. Community Outreach Programme: The Topsy Foundation’s Community Outreach programme is an extension of both the medical and social services offered at the Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Care Clinic. The need that was first identified stemmed naturally from Topsy’s involvement with the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the community of Grootvlei. With our guiding principle of creating holistic and meaningful intervention, it was obvious that the cause of the problem should be addressed. In this context, that cause is twofold – 1: the prevalence of HIV infection and 2: poverty and lack of resources. Taking this issue seriously, the Topsy staff could see that in order to help the children, (prevent them from becoming orphaned or vulnerable) and to give people the chance to thrive and solve the problems that they face, we needed to come in at grass roots level. The projects that form the Community Outreach Programme are: Home-Based Care Project, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children’s Project, Vegetable Gardening Project. 2. Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Care Clinic Programme: This programme is the central pillar of the Topsy offering. At the Clinic we offer beneficiaries free access to first-class medical and social services, required to diagnose and treat HIV & AIDS and the associated health problems. When asked about the performance of the Clinic, Dr Jana Oosthuizen, Topsy’s Medical Director says, “We are snatching people back from death”. The projects that form the Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Care Clinic Programme are: Provision of ARV Therapy Project, HIV Counselling and Testing Project, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Project, Cervical Cancer Screening Project, General Care for HIV and AIDS Patients Project, TB Diagnosis and Treatment Project. 3.Skills Training Programme: Topsy is very honoured to provide our communities with our Skills Training Programme. It contributes to the 3rd spoke in our holistic wheel of support of medical, social and economic intervention. We do this by way of 2 social enterprise projects for women in our under-resourced communities. The projects that form the Skills Training Programme are: Shukushukuma Beadwork Project and Tinyiko Sewing Project.
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