Children of Fire

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A truly sad reality is that in Africa burns are common and the lack of burns treatment expertise is even sadder. Our vision is for a safer Africa where children can be treated as soon as possible and adequately in their own countries. Children should not die or live with debilitating injuries because they cannot afford private care or because hospitals are ill-equipped to deal with their injuries. We envisage a South Africa where homes have access to safe electricity and where dangerous cooking and heating fuels are banned; where children are not left alone in shacks. Where occupational therapy is freely available to those in need. Where social attitudes turn from revulsion at disfigurement to acceptance of individuals with a different appearance as equal members of society.
To provide the best surgery and care for child burn survivors from across the African continent, not just focusing on the physical, but integrating education and social rehabilitation. Reducing the number of children burned every year by educating the public, especially informal settlement communities about the dangers and prevention of fires through safety plays and infomercials. To provide safer cooking and heating fuels by working with innovators. Assisting with disaster relief when fires occur, providing a change of clothes, toiletries, tinned food, tin opener, saucepan, crockery, cutlery, first aid, wash things, items etc
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Advocacy and Awareness, Children, Disability, Disaster Relief, Early Childhood Development, Education, Health, Poverty
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South Africa (All Provinces), Africa
1. Planning a dedicated burns hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will also be a teaching centre for skilled doctors, foreign or not to share knowledge. The goal is better healthcare for all in Africa. 2. Arranging a medical outreach to the DRC in collaboration with an Italian NGO of plastic surgeons to operate on some of the 200 children identified on a 2009 trip. Local doctors and nurses will be taught basic interventions that could save lives or at least reduce the likelihood of disability, e.g. splinting of limbs likely to contract 3. Raising awareness of the dangers of fires is ongoing, especially when winter approaches, fires are more likely to happen during the cold season. 4. Assisting the impoverished community of the Amangwane tribe in the Drakensberg by setting up a cooperative to produce jam and other products to sell, providing employment for the many unemployed.
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Pan African Burns Society
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