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16 Bernard Street,
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South Africa
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SANCA Phoenix House strives to ultimately create alternative options to treat addiction and to encourage healthy living. Our Values We at SANCA (JHB) Society, dedicate ourselves to the following codes of conduct: • To act with integrity; • To acknowledge and promote the inherent worth of all individuals; • To serve our clients with respect and dignity; • To uphold the professional code of ethical conduct; • To take the lead in developing and implementing resources and programmes in the field of substance abuse; • To foster partnerships with other organisations with similar goals; • To be responsible and accountable for our actions; • To continuously monitor, evaluate and improve our service; and • To believe that we can make a difference.
We strive to help improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities by providing professional and quality services, while addressing all addictions. This is achieved as per our main objectives: • to increase public understanding of the nature and treatment of addictions in general, and specifically alcoholism and drug dependence. • To promote the tenets that substance abuse and addiction is a treatable medical condition with associated social, physical, psychological and community implications, and that this condition requires both community and professional responsibility and involvement. • To network and co-operate with any other organisations or forums that has similar objectives. • The Organisation, being concerned mainly with the management of substance dependence and addictions shall not engage itself in any activities designed to either promote or to prevent the legal sale, manufacture, sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs.
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Children, Counselling and Therapy, Crime Prevention, Poverty, Women, Youth
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1. Phoenix House Addiction Rehabilitation Centre: The In-patient clinic admits people from all backgrounds between the ages of 18 and 35 for six weeks or three months programme. It is a residential programme that provides 24-hour medical care; psychodynamic and other therapeutic group work sessions; intensive individual therapy; family group work sessions and individual family/couple therapy sessions and is based on the 12-STEPS principles. 2. SANCA JHB Out-Patient Clinic and SANCA Midrand Satellite Office: Provides medical and therapeutic services to youth offenders, addicts and their families of all age groups and community services. Statutory services are provided to clients that are in need of Dr. Fabian and Rebecca Robeiro Sate Rehabilitation Centre. Both these centres have community workers social auxiliary workers and volunteers that provide preventative services to schools, companies, correctional services, church groups, youth groups, community clinics, etc. through training, education and information.
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Midrand, Ebony Park
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011 204 1913
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011 917 5015
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