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Lesedi La Batho
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Making South Africa a beacon of hope by providing our youth and our community with the opportunities and skills to realize their fullest potential and purpose and so become contributing members of society.
Lesedi la Batho is a faith based NGO that seeks to inspire, empower, motivate, engage and equip the youth and the community at large through sport, education, skills training and social enterprise development, community wellness and arts & culture.
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Economic Development, Skills Development, Sport and Recreation, Youth
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1. Sport Lesedi la Batho’s overall objective is to play a significant role in equipping the youth as drivers of social and economic change. The aim of our activities is to enhance the quality of life of vulnerable teenage boys and girls using sport as a tool to empower them with life skills which will not only develop their personality and character, but will also present life-changing opportunities. Activities include:  Professional soccer coaching and Talent Spotting by the SA Legends for competitive players enrolled at the 7 High Schools in Mabopane( Lesedi Strikers U12-U19 Boy and Girls sports teams)  Capacity building workshops for coaches and peer educators in the Youth Development Through Football Programme (YDF) developed by the German International Corporation  Inter- School and special event Tournaments  Weekly YDF Fitness and Training sessions conducted by Lesedi la Batho coaches at each of the 7 High Schools in Mabopane 2. Education Information is the world’s key to a better life which can open the door to limitless opportunities that can change the destiny of one’s life. The concept of a local Pro-Active information programme was birth by the need of finding an alternative and effective method to educate the youth to make better life choices. The programme provides learners with the opportunity to access relevant and accurate information which empowers them with the knowledge to make positive choices about their emotional and physical wellbeing. Topics such as, “discover yourself”, “youth challenges past and present” and “teenage pregnancy – action and consequences” are covered in the manual. Through the interactive discussion part of the programme, learners are encouraged to take up leadership responsibilities and occupy their minds with positive and productive thinking. 3. Sizani Skills Training and Social Enterprise Development The main objective of the Sizani Skills Training Programme is to improve the quality of life of both vulnerable young women and their children. The skills training assists the women to become empowered, financially independent, self-sufficient members of the community. The skills programme includes training in sewing, beading, baking, catering, baby care, child health and computer literacy. Through our Social Enterprise Development initiative, we strive to be a catalyst for social entrepreneurship. Each of the training facilities has a business component which enables us to provide community members with a business opportunity to stimulate economic activity and growth in the community. We assist the entrepreneurs to grow their business so that it can create further employment and training opportunities for their community. 4. Community Wellness The Sizani Suport Programme Through this programme support is given to teenage and unemployed mothers. Support includes: meeting their emotional and spiritual needs through counseling and education in the form of capacity building workshops. Sizani Social Relief Food parcels, clothing and baby necessities are provided to the Sizani mothers living in dire poverty. The Lesedi Day Care Centre provides quality care for babies to enable the Sizani mothers to return to school, work or receive skills training in order to become self-sufficient. 5. Arts & Culture The Arts & Culture Programme focuses on the cultural aspect of community support and development.
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Sport for Social Change Network
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