Co-operative and Rural Enterprises Support Initiative of Africa

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072 357 6800
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Qadi Tribal Area,
Durban, NL 4309
South Africa
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Co-operative and Rural Enterprises Support Initiative of Africa
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The Co-operative & Rural Support Initiative (CRESI) seeks to occupy the cutting edge and foremost position in supporting rural enterprise development, be they in agricultural, tourism, finance, construction, e.t.c through integrated rural development incubation and enterprise support.
To provide co-operatives and individual enterprises based in the rural areas of South Africa following piloting in KwaZulu-Natal, followed by the Eastern Cape and then rolled out nationally on the basis of CRESI partners, franchises and associates supported and monitored by a national office.  Mobilized, Institutionalized and Capacitated target community, with Functioning Office that is sustainable (Business Model & Plan).  A functioning Resource, Knowledge and Projects partnership for accessing relevant development opportunities  A system to develop the baseline information, database and Reports.  Help build a Project Pipeline at the community front.  Help Develop an enabling environment for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, LED and SMME Development
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Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Poverty, Rural Development
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South Africa (All Provinces), Africa
1. Establishing CRESI links with related organisations working on rural development, poverty alleviation, enterprise development and co-operative support. 2. Registering co-operatives in KZN and the Eastern Cape and creating a CRESI database 3. Support co-operative groups with registration, formalisation 4. Support co-operatives to increase their capacity to produce, access govern support and marketing of the products
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Biowatch South Africa (Biowatch)
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